by: Ralph Mosgrove



The words “thank you” were a common exchange when author Ralph Mosgrove’s wife, Elsie, became disabled from a fall, breaking her hip and causing a compression fracture at T12 and L1 of the vertebra. Confined to using a four-wheel walker, she experienced the kindness of strangers who stood aside to allow her to enter before them.


I was raised to be polite, to use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ appropriately. Reading Ralph Mosgrove’s delightful essay on Saying Thanks and Beyond gave me a new perspective on those old automatic responses. Why not offer just a bit more appreciation than is expected? A verbal lagniappe–a little extra. Try Ralph’s formula. The recipient of the words will smile, and you will too! Carol Perry, Author, Witch City Mystery series

I never read till I read this book and now I can’t put book down n now reading the bible also love the book and the message and recommend it to anyone who wants to be a better person. Amazon customer

It is a charming book filled with good ideas and hope for the future. I have given one as a gift to my sister who was delighted. I plan on giving more to friends. Lovely book, Ralph. Thanks for sharing. Sheila McNaughton, Amazon customer

Ralph, invites us to “join the ranks of the unidentifiable secret agents of God, going about doing good wherever you can.” This behavior leaves you with a feeling of exuberance and the person to whom you have been good to receives confidence that inspires them to do the same for someone else. let your gratitude come from your heart and your lips be the messenger. Heidi Summers, Amazon customer


Ralph Mosgrove, widowed in 2015, is a retired Navy Veteran, Pastor and Educator. Employed in human relations, counseling and a musician, he is a father and grandfather. Ralph lives in St. Petersburg, FL. This is his debut book.


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